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Featured Artist

Beau Stanton

Alta Union features a bold mural on the front of the building imagined by international artist, Beau Stanton. We are proud to be featuring his work as a contribution to the colorful energy of The Nations neighborhood.

Progress Photos

Beau Stanton  at Alta Union, Tennessee

About Beau

Working in a variety of mediums, Stantons work takes the form of large-scale murals, mosaics, stained glass, and multimedia animations. Heavily informed by historic ornamentation, mythology, and the classics, his work seeks to draw parallels between past narratives and contemporary human issues such as climate change, environmental conservation, and post-industrialization. The imagery and themes are always site-specific and closely tailored to the locale of the artwork, involving research and scouting of the surrounding area with a goal of creating work that is a direct response to its environment.

Creating large-scale public artwork for the past 10 years, Stanton has completed murals and art installations across the globe in cities including New York, Dubai, London, Rome, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Detroit, Berlin, Miami, Amman, and Nashville. Notable project partners include Times Square Arts, National Coalition Against Censorship, The Explorers Club, The US Embassy to Italy, Wynwood Walls, Kiehls, Converse, and The Atlantic Magazine.

Nashville Rivive Mural

Five-story mural in Nashville facilitated by Nashville Walls Project in cooperation with Rivive Nashville, a coalition of non-profit environmental organizations who seek to clean up and raise awareness about the importance of Nashville's waterways, particularly the Cumberland River and its tributaries.

Mural at Alta Union, Nashville
Mural at Alta Union, Nashville